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  • Brandon & Rachel
    Brandon and I met in August of 2005 when I was 19 and he was 22. I was currently a single mother to my oldest daughter, Mikayla. She was 3 months old at the time. We met through an online dating site, hotornot.com. Honestly its not really made for long-term relationships because of it being a photo rating site but we started talking through there. He was currently working offshore at the time and eventually got a job for an offshore transportation in Lafayette, LA where I lived. We saw each other quite often. I was a full-time college student and then dropped out of college so I could get a full-time job to support my daughter and myself. At first the talks we had were not about politics. I grew up in a home of Democrats and I just knew that I didn’t believe in all of the views that my family had. He grew up in a split political home. His mother was Democrat and his father is Republican. He lived with his father for most of his childhood but when he was a teenager he went to live with his mother so he got to see the political views of both of those parties upfront and personal. He also knew that neither one was meant for him either. Once we started talking about politics it was the night before he proposed to me and I was asking him about what party he was affiliated with that was when he told me Libertarian I was so relieved because I was Libertarian too. Right then I knew that we clicked on all levels. He was definitely the one for me. We liked all the same stuff plus we had the same political views. He proposed to me in November of 2006 at a restaurant in front of everyone in there. It was just the two of us. No family or friends just an intimate evening alone. I moved to Baton Rouge, LA with him in February 2007. Fast forward we had our first daughter together, Bianca in May 2008 when Mikayla was 3. We got married November 12, 2009. Now its 2016 and we have been married for 6 years and together for 11 years. The girls are 10 and 7 now. I think that us being Libertarians has helped us be very open minded about issues and also not be so judgmental about people’s political views. It also brought us closer together and we are passing on those values to our daughters.
  • Jake & Leslee
    We met through our local Libertarian Party affiliate, he was serving as Vice Chair and she had just moved there and quickly became very active. During the first time tabling at the local gun show together we felt an instantaneous connection which we explored carefully over the next few months. We ended up falling in love at a small regional liberty festival where we explored the many facets of our views on liberty and life, constantly amazed at our similarities. We entered into our relationship with many unconventional but mutually agreed upon arrangements. We have a strong desire to make the move, build a tiny home libertarian HOA, a bed & breakfast, flying co-op, and many other eccentric goals which merely reflect our authentic selves. We support each other in all our eccentricities because we know that we are both consistent in our values. Our passion and our values keep us going strong as we continue to push and strive for liberty in our lifetime.
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